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Love them or despise them — pet birds have been singing from their cages in Singapore (and waking us up in the morning).

Each of these songbirds came prematurely to a starving hornbill.Hornbill had been placing on the railing in the common hallway of a HDB block on a social media clip since Sunday (April 4) before he hopped into one of the birdcage hangs out of the flat, and he rang out his beak.

Hungry Hornbill Yanks
Image Source: Asiaone

The smaller bird was seen blowing with its free wing in the air.

Moments later they stopped running.”Where’s the owner?” the woman recording the clip asked.

After viewing the video, a barrage of comments poured in, asking why the person filming did not stop the “brutal” act by chasing away the hornbill or alerting the songbird’s owner so they could save their pet.Others found out that the big bird is an omnivorous predator that nourishes fruit and wildlife.
The Singaporean oriental cornflower has a food supplemented by small birds, eggs, lizards, snakes, bats, tamarinds, and a diet that includes fig, palm tree, banana and tamarind.

In recent years, as the population increases, these birds have been found in close proximity to human dwelling.

A pair of hornbills came to a Pasir Ris flat last December and caused mayhem.Despite the efforts by home owners to chase them out, the birds remained in the house for 90 minutes until they eventually flew off.

NParks investigated a man the same month after he was seen in the Loyang Way Food Village feeding hornbills with bananas.

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Wildlife experts have urged those who meet these birds to keep their distance safe and avoid feeding them, explaining that the sensation that animals could drive them into urban food areas.

According to the Wildlife Act, captured wildlife feeders can receive fines of up to $5,000, with repeat offenders punishable at $10,000.

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