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A single woman who had just broken her leg was hesitant to get her Covid-19 vaccine.Given the fact that it was at a local community center, the 62-year-old Kampong Chai Chee resident thought a ride there would be too exhausting because walking was painful.Last Saturday, however, she was able to get her first Covid-19 jab thanks to Mr Anthony Yeo, a volunteer from the area who drove her to the center.
Mr. Yeo, 56, is one of the 18 Neighborhood Drivers @ East Coast GRC volunteers.The campaign, which began on February 26 and is organized by East Coast GRC grassroots organizations (GROs), combines individuals with vehicles in the neighborhood with locals who have mobility problems who need assistance going to vaccination centers.

Mr Yeo, a research associate, told The New Paper: ”Since Covid-19 is an important issue facing Singapore now, I thought this is one way I can help.”Mr Yeo picked up the 62-year-old lady, who only wished to be identified as Madam Eng, at around 2 p.m. and drove her to Bedok Community Centre.He not only assisted her in locating the priority queue, but he also interpreted main nurse texts.Mr Yeo tested whether Madam Eng was happy after the vaccine before taking her home.
”I always feel glad to serve and make people happy,” said Mr Yeo.

During the short journey, Madam Eng said she enjoyed talking to Mr Yeo.
She added: ”He was helpful and went out of his way to ensure my experience at the vaccination centre was smooth.

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”For example, he drove to the pick-up point so that I did not have to walk to the car which was parked a distance away.”According to a spokeswoman for East Coast GRC GROs, the Community Drivers campaign has helped 18 people so far.

“Community Drivers @ East Coast GRC is our ongoing campaign to inspire more people to assist seniors who are less mobile or wheelchair-bound in getting vaccinated,” the spokesperson said.”We hope more residents with vehicles can step forward.”

Those involved should contact the government at or send an email to [email protected]

Mr Gopalan Srinivasa, 49, another volunteer, said the project brings back the kampung spirit of 30 to 40 years ago.
Mr Gopalan, who works in finance, said: ”Those days, we would go to our neighbour for help, and we would happily help each other out. Nowadays, some of us may not even talk to our neighbours.

”Initiatives like this help us to bond with those in our neighbourhood.”

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