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Patch 11.8 for League of Legends is shaping up to be a major one, with Riot planning to make drastic improvements to some of the game’s champions and products.

This time, the jungle role will be the most affected. And the League of Legends developers will be attempting to broaden the champion pool for the position by providing various quality of life updates for Morgana, Darius, and Zed in the jungle.

Additionally, Rammus will undergo major changes as League of Legends’ resident Armordillo prepares for a minor overhaul. During both early and late game team battles, Riot will give him a little more playmaking ability and agency.

Patch 11.8 will try to tone down some of the more overpowered enchanter support builds in League of Legends

When used on champions like Seraphine, Lulu, and Karma, things like the Moonstone Renewer, Workers of Flowing Water, and Chemtech Putrifier have been incredibly overpowered. In both pro play and regular matchmaking, this gave rise to the Karma/Lulu top lane meta.

As a result, in patch 11.8, the League of Legends devs will change these things to make them more viable for the support role rather than solo lanes.

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