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Pokemon Go players can get free Remote Raid Passes every month to fight Legendary Pokemon in online battles. In April 2021, here’s how to get your hands on the most sought-after pieces.

Remote Raid Passes were first introduced in Go in 2020, and they blew up the game’s iconic Raid function by allowing players from all over the world to link directly to 5-star battles. Trainers could fight battles even though they stayed at home

Unfortunately, unlike most products, they are not readily available. You can’t get the Pass from Gifts or PokeStops, for example. This has improved in 2021, as Niantic has made several minor adjustments. The two current methods for obtaining Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go are detailed below.

Until now, the only way to procure the highly sought-after item was to purchase it in a store. Thankfully, things have begun to improve this year, as Niantic has begun to provide players with additional options.

For a limited period beginning in 2021, Go players will be able to get Remote Passes for free. The announcement was first made on April 2 in a tweet by the mobile maker. “Exciting stuff, Trainers! Each and every.

Purchasing Remote Raid Passes is the only other way to obtain them. The item can be purchased in the Pokemon Go in-game store. Players can currently purchase a single pass for 100 Poke Coins or a three-pass pack for 250 Poke Coins. Real-world money must be exchanged for the imaginary currency.

For hardcore Trainers with a lot of Gyms in their city, there is another option. Simply drive around the area and take care of it, leaving your Pokemon to protect it. While you can earn Poke Coins this way, the rate is very poor. You can swap those coins for Remote Raid Passes in the shop if you do this a lot for a month.

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