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Clauncher and Clawitzer from Generation VI are set to debut in Pokemon Go in April 2021, according to Niantic. When the Water-type crustacean makes its appearance, here’s what you need to know about catching it.

Rivals’ Week kicks off Niantic’s Season of Legends in April. The one-time event will honor the series’ most popular rivalries and pairings. Clauncher, a beloved Kalos ‘mon, will make his debut at the festival.

The epic architecture of the shrimp-like creature has wowed fans since its debut in X & Y. Trainers in Pokemon Go, in particular, have been looking forward to Clawitzer’s ferocious evolution. Here’s where you’ll find the’mon and catch it.

During Rivals’ Week, which begins on April 13 at 10:00 AM and ends on April 18 at 8:00 PM local time, the Kalos Pokemon will be officially added to Go. Despite the fact that the event is only five days long, Clauncher will continue to appear as a spawn in the mobile game.

Niantic is offering the group many guaranteed ways to meet the Gen VI ‘mon during the special festivities, so fans of the Water-type character can take advantage of it.

Exclusive Research will be randomly assigned to Go users who log in between April 13 which April 18, and will include a variety of tasks. Clauncher will appear in direct combat with players who complete these tasks. It’s easy!

Trainers will be able to complete several quests that lead to the spawning of the crustacean, giving them several chances to capture the ‘mon with high stats. Skrelp, the Kalos creature’s doppelganger, will also be included in the rewards.

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