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SINGAPORE – On Thursday (22 August), after proceedings against Section 377A of the criminal law code – criminalizing sex between men – were dismissed in March last year, a man was condemned for crimes including men against a high court judge and the judiciary in Singapore.On the Instagram social media platform, he spurred violence against them.

Last month Muhammad Hanif Mohamed Huzairi accused the public servant of using threats under the Harassment Act for a count of culpability.The 31-year-old Singaporean admitted to two counts that the records of an incitement to violence were communicated.

Image Source: The Straits Times

Hanif had appointed Justice See Kee Oon, who dismissed the challenges that Section 377A of the Penal Code seeks to overturn the provisions on male homosexual acts.Hanif was very upset when the court found that the constitutional challenges were rejected.He felt that judges had to be replaced by publishing Instagram stories and commenting on Instagram’s Instagram post. The judges expressed their unhappiness.

The Pink Dot SG is an annual event held in Singapore for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Hanif posted on his account at approximately 4 pm, on March 30th last year, a publicly available in Instagram story, saying: “You better… watch out for a judge’s deadass boomer who dismissed S377A challenges!.”

Instagram stories stay 24 hours on a user profile. At the time of his crimes, Hanif’s Instagram account had 267 supporters.Three hours later he commented on Instagram Pink Dot SG’s post saying: “The time has come to hunt down the repressive judges, who essentially retained the legalization and pay the ultimate price of discrimination against us.”

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Jail Man Threatened
Image Source: The Straits Times

A second Instagram story was posted about an hour later in which “corrupted judges” were tortured and “crumbled and S377A was abrogated on location.”

At about 11.30 pm, after witnessing the threats of violence, a complainant submitted a police report against Hanif.The legal challenges to Section 377a were brought by LGBT rights activist RoyTan, disco-jockey Johnson Ong Ming, and LGBT Oogachaga’s former executive director Bryan Choong. LGBT rights activist and retired medical professionals

Justice See rejected the arguments that the law is inconstitutional and defended the decision not to enforce it proactively.Offenders found guilty of using word threats to an employee may be jailed up to one year and punished for each charge. Each charge can be imprisoned and fined for up to 5 years by those convicted of communicating an electronic record containing a violent incitement.

Source: The Straits Times

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