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Jessica Simpson couldn’t hold the haters at bay as she confronted and overcame one of her greatest fears this week. The 40-year-old actress, musician, and clothing designer revealed her Amazon Original Stories essay with a picture of her on horseback and dressed in tight jeans and cowboy boots, which she shared on Instagram yesterday. Jessica was back on horseback with her 8-year-old daughter Maxwell after losing a friend in a horse accident and has since remained well clear, but some people couldn’t stop trolling. See why below.

Conquering Her Fears

Scroll down to see the frame. The Dukes of Hazzard star, whose memoir Open Book, due out in 2020, will be adapted into a televised Amazon series and will serve as the basis for her essays with the streaming and retail giant, shared a stunning outdoor shot with daughter Maxwell.

The mom of three wore a cute summer top with her jeans and tan boots, turning around to grin at the camera and even doing a little yee-haw in a cowboy hat to show off the 100 pounds she lost in 2019.

Scroll For The Photo

Addressing her 5.6 million followers, the bombshell revealed: “One of the topics I reveal in the essay is how I walked myself through a lifelong fear of horses, due to a traumatic accident that took the life of my cousin, Sarah.”

“And how I greeted that fear and persevered against my comfort zone for my daughter Maxwell’s passion and complete adoration for horses and Western-style riding,” Jessica added, then revealing that Maxwell had personally asked to go horseback riding. See the backlash after the photo.

Jessica Simpson
Image Source: Instagram

Doing It For Her Daughter

“My love for Maxwell is greater than my fear of something,” Jessica said, “but needless to say, I was back on a horse and we made funny and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.”

There have been over 39,000 likes, but there has also been some criticism. The hater wrote, “Take the lead on discussing your pill addiction?” and the remark was noted. Fans were outraged, but quickly rallied behind the singer, with one commenting that “judgmental must be perfect…lol.”

‘Kind Of Rude’

Also backing Jessica was a fan responding: “Kind of rude… she’s rising up and doing it with grace… if you have nothing nice to say… you know the rest…”

Jessica Simpson
Image Source: Instagram

Jessica’s book details her sexual abuse as a child, her subsequent pill and alcohol addiction, her failed marriage to John Mayer, as well as her career and eventual recovery. The best-selling book made headlines last year when it saw a surge in sales during the pandemic’s first wave. Jessica emerges victorious from the big Amazon contract, despite the trolls.

Source: Inquisitr

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