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TAIPEI -Only approximately one minute before the accident happened, the truck colliding with a Taiwanese express train last week, which killed 50 people, said the government released dramatic footages of the impact.

Deadly Taiwan Crash
Image Source: Reuters

On Friday a packed train carrying almost 500 passengers and crew hit a lorry near the eastern town of Hualien, causing it to derail and to crumble at the front and mid corners. In seven decades it was the worst rail accident on the island.The camion was sliding down a pitched road on the tracks outside a tunnel from a building site. The officers suspect that the brakes of the truck have not been applied adequately and the site manager is being investigated.
Young Hong-tsu, Chairman of the Taiwan Safety Board, stated that they rebuilt the road on the rails, track its moves through the dirt road before sliding off a bank and landing on the railway line, facing the incoming train.

Deadly Taiwan Crash
Image Source: Reuters

Young showed retrieved footage from the driver’s cabin as she tried desperately to slow down, leading the train to de-rail, before hitting the truck at the entrance.“How much time was there between this truck sliding onto the track and it hitting the Taroko express? Actually it was only a little bit more than one minute,” he said, referring to the name of the train.Young said that the driver did not have time to slow the train properly and avoid it, as the truck was on the turn and not seen until it was too late for seconds only to react.

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The camera is clearly seen in a screenshot from the image, crossing the track from where it flows down the wooded bank. The branches and leaves hang out of their foreheads.

Two Americans and a French national were among the victims.

Young stated that the Taiwanese authorities have contacted the US National Transport Safety Council as well as the French Transportation Safety Authority to see whether they want to contribute to the investigation.
Source: Reuters

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