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Two weapons have recently plagued Call of Duty: Warzone: the FFAR and the AUG. You’d be able to eliminate enemies at all ranges if you wielded both of these chunks of metal. Nothing came close to matching it. Raven Software has nerfed them both in an effort to repair the game’s stale meta. However, the question remains: is it sufficient?

In Warzone, it’s been all about FFAR and AUG for the past few weeks. The first is a rapid-firing assault rifle that has made the submachine gun category obsolete, while the second is a burst-fire weapon that does ludicrous harm at long range. It’s proved to be a winning combination.

Both of these guns are the focus of Raven Software’s new patch. The first is the AUG, which has been dubbed the “Cold War Tactical Rifle Charlie” by others (literally no-one calls it this). Anyway, the recoil has been increased, making it more difficult to fire off shots and maintain accuracy at longer ranges.

It’s worth remembering that this is the second AUG nerf in the space of a few weeks. With Warzone Season Two’s mid-season update at the end of March, Raven Software increased recoil. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it, but based on a few clips, it appears to be more difficult to control at long range, but it appears to be a mid-range powerhouse.

If you need to change your loadouts, keep an eye on our best FFAR and AUG setup guides, as they’ll be updated as soon as possible. In the Warzone Audio Bang Podcast, I address Warzone’s new shenanigans with dearest squaddie James, so if you like Verdansk, this pod is for you.

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Then there’s the FFAR, which now needs more time to target down sights. Raven Software hopes that this will “bring it closer to what you would expect from an AR – harm and range at the expense of handling.” I say, I gave it a shot last night and didn’t feel quite as comfortable snapping to enemies at close range. However, it appears that I could compensate for the slower ADS pace by rearranging the attachments. In any case, I expect it to hang around, but hopefully not with SMGs roaming free once more.

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