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On Friday, anti-coup demonstrators vowed to continue efforts to drive out the generals amid a military crackdown that has killed hundreds, including dozens of children, as they held candle-lit demonstrations overnight and tried to find ways to get around a worsening internet shutdown.

Anti-coup protestors pooled radio frequencies, offline internet infrastructure, and text message news warning providers to try and get around new internet limits, which are now restricted to fixed-line networks.

The military did not announce or justify its order to telecom companies to cut wireless broadband, which is in addition to a ban on mobile data, which has enabled a nationwide movement to mobilize on social media and spread photos of the military’s lethal repression of mainly youth-led anti-government protests.

There were more reports of protesters being shot at overnight in the city of Monywa in the Sagaing area, with one death. According to social media accounts, an 18-year-old boy was also killed in Mandalay on Thursday. On Friday, both Monywa and Mandalay demonstrators were buried.

Security forces shot four villagers and detained four others during a protest in the Sagaing area on Friday, according to the Irrawaddy news website. Hundreds of demonstrators marched in Sagaing’s Katha township despite the crackdown.

Protesters have been calling for a “flower strike” at the bus stops where protesters were killed by security forces.

“We will leave flowers at bus stops tomorrow … That’s what I want to tell you guys before the internet is down,” Khin Sadar, a protest leader, posted on Facebook.

“In the following days, there were street protests. Do as many guerrilla strikes as you can. Please join.”

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“Let’s listen to the radio again. Let’s make phone calls to each other too.”


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