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In the midst of a protest outside of Alexey Navalny’s prison demanding that he be given medical attention, Russian police arrested his personal doctor on Tuesday.

Fears for Navalny’s wellbeing have increased after the Kremlin critic revealed in an Instagram post that he was suffering from a high fever and a bad cough, as well as the fact that three inmates in his ward had been admitted to the hospital with tuberculosis.

As the rally got underway, Anastasia Vasilyeva, who had said Navalny wanted to go to a “specialized hospital” and warned it was “very likely” he had been infected with coronavirus, was detained.

According to Reuters, another Navalny supporter was arrested. It was unclear why they were being detained.

The concerns about Navalny’s health come after he announced a hunger strike last week in protest of prison authorities’ failure to treat him for acute back and leg pain.

His supporters have demanded that he be able to see any doctor he wants and receive “adequate care.”

Navalny was transferred to a sickbay and checked for the coronavirus, according to the state prison system.

It also says that his health is satisfactory and that he has received all requisite medical attention.

On Tuesday, the Kremlin weighed in on the matter, saying that if he became ill, he would be handled like any other inmate.

Navalny had previously been accused of fabricating his medical conditions in order to keep himself in the public eye by state media and some members of a prison oversight committee.


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