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Central Chinese authorities denying a mother’s accusations that 29 years ago, the other family had switched to another child when she was born.

The Henan Province police said they could not find any proof of a deliberate change of the babies on early Wednesday. The case attacked the country for more than a year after Xu Min found out she had brought up another child, who had hepatitis B and developed hepatitis B cancer.Xu, who bore a child in 1992 at Huaihe Hospital, Henan’s Kaifeng city, thought her healthy biological son was deliberately replaced with Yao Ce, her adoptive child finally killed a month ago, who last month requested a test of the birth of Yao’s parents and hospital staff.

A month-long study revealed that the hospital, which in 1992 had poor management and improper operations, was a mistake.

No Proof Safe
Image Source: South China Morning Post

Instead of a wristband commonly employed today, police found that the hospital was using the same swaddling wipes for all newborns and only recognized the babies with a mother’s number label.Instead of the baby’s body, the label was directly attached to the swaddles. After Xu learned that he was not her biologic son after attempting to donate her liver to save it from liver cancer in April last year, Yao has published newspapers headlines.

Xu later found the biological parents of Yao, Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan, using local police in Henan, with a hope of supporting Yao with liver transplants. She found that Yao’s birth parents had been given as their own baby by Huaihe Hospital to her biological son, Guo Wei.

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However, after she learned that Du knew she had hepatitis B herself and that her baby was also ill before and after Yao’s birth, she began to suspect that it was a malicious swap. According to her previous posts on social media including Weibo and Douyin, Du and her husband might have taken her healthy baby to avoid raising a sick child.

No Proof Safe
Image Source: South China Morning Post

Yao and his birth parents had denied Xu’s conjecture to the other side and in the meantime sought to compensate the hospital financially for their error.After negotiations with the hospital failed, they brought the case to court late last year.

Patient with liver cancer turned in a critical state at birth while waiting for a compensation decision. In December, in Henan, in Kaifeng district People’s Court, Gulou ordered Huaihe Hospital to pay Yao and its biological parents over 760,000 yuan ($156,000).In February, the Kaifeng Intermediate People’s Court increased the reimbursement to one million yuan, which included the amount of family’s mental anguish, medical spending and incidental costs.

Yao was killed at a hospital in Beijing on March 23.

Source: South China Morning Post

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