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Since that’s what I spent the mid-noughties doing, it’s difficult for me to get excited about beefcakes hidden behind low walls within grey metal warehouses. (As well as in video games.) Outriders, a looter shooter, has a pedigree thanks to its makers, People Can Fly, and those who tried the game’s demo said it was stupid, satisfying fun.

It’s out today, and I’m tempted to try it out – but rumors of PC performance problems will probably keep me from doing so for the time being.

As Alice L explains in this video, we played the game a couple of times during preview and had a nice time with it:

In a nutshell, it’s a looter shooter with a lot of stats and improvements, but none of those RPG-lite systems get in the way of the excitement of exploding meaty brutes into their component pieces.

People Can Fly, the creators of Bulletstorm and the original Painkiller, are behind the game. They have a knack for making things explode. They were also a long-time production partner of Epic Games, collaborating on Gears Of War: Judgement. It’s also good practice for setting out stages with a lot of cover and creating characters with biceps that are larger than their heads.

Unfortunately, it appears that the launch is not going as planned. Early Steam user reviews are’mixed,’ with both those reviews and the game’s Reddit page citing stuttering problems and other glitches that weren’t present in the demo edition.

The game’s official Twitter account tweeted (as seen above) that they are “tracking reports of players experiencing stuttering/microstuttering on PC” and provided a link to a forum post with potential workarounds.

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If you’re still interested in the game considering its early stages, you can get it for £50/$60/€60 from Steam and a number of other retailers.

Source: Rockpapershotgun

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