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Mankey is the subject of Pokemon Go’s second Spotlight Hour in April 2021. Trainers would be able to obtain not only a Shiny Primeape, but also a massive 2x bonus. All you need to remember is right here.

The Spotlight hour, which debuted in 2020, allows players to capture and develop a featured Pokemon. Mankey, the beloved Kanto simian, is the ‘mon for the second week of April.

Fans of the iconic character might be lucky enough to come across its rare Shiny version. We’ll go into it in detail below, including how to get a 2x bonus for participating.

Every Tuesday, as has been the norm for the past two years, a single Pokemon is honored for 60 minutes. Trainers who log in during the designated period can see Kanto ‘mon with increased spawn rates.

Mankey, a Gen I character, will be the focus of the Spotlight Hour on April 13th. The limited-time event begins at 6 p.m. local time and ends at 7 p.m. local time.
Thankfully, Niantic has added the Mystery Bonus as an epic reward for players who participate in the hour-long game. Every week, users will win a double bonus that is chosen at random.

Users will be able to earn 2x XP each time they evolve a Pokemon during the Spotlight Hour on April 13.

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