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Polestar, a Swedish car manufacturer, has announced its intention to develop a carbon-neutral vehicle by 2030, taking the lead in the automotive industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Polestar Swedish
Image Source: CGTN

Polestar currently produces electric high-performance vehicles, but the company’s long-term goal is to make the entire production process sustainable, which would include the use of renewable energy sources.Polestar’s head of sustainability, Fredrika Klaren, says there are clear ways to significantly reduce pollution that the company will try to introduce in the near future.
She tells CGTN: “One strategic initiative that we work with is renewable energy and the supply chain. We have the technology to power industries with renewable energy; we have solar cells, we have wind power, we have water power.

“When we work with our supply chain, we see that this is a feasible possibility that we can tap into very quickly. We want to do that throughout the whole supply chain, from the manufacturing facilities down to the raw material extraction.”
Polestar will begin publishing the carbon footprint of each of its vehicles in the same way that food companies disclose nutritional details on the labels of their goods in an attempt to gain customer trust and shake up the automotive industry.”At the moment there is no way for the consumers to compare the footprint of Polestar to to another car model, because there is a lack of transparency on how these footprints are calculated and there is very little harmonization when it comes to these calculations,” says Klaren.

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Polestar Swedish
Image Source: CGTN

“Last autumn we called for the industry to become more transparent about the carbon footprint of our models. And we hope that that is what we are now embarking on: a journey where we, as an industry, guide our consumers with the data that we have, that show the footprint of the cars.”
Polestar, which is owned by Volvo and the Chinese company Geely, believes that customers around the world are becoming more mindful of the environmental effects of their transportation choices. The automaker aims to provide them with knowledge that will help them make better decisions in the future.”We see on a global scale consumers becoming more aware, wanting to lead sustainable lifestyles, wanting to be conscious in their decisions when shopping,” adds Klaren. “But I also see that we have a responsibility of guiding them, of inspiring them, of showing attractive solutions that will just enhance that behavioral development.

“At Polestar, we will try to do our best to really lead our consumers down this path and to show them how easy it is to choose an electric car, how fun it is to drive, and also that you actually feel good, that you’ve made a sustainable choice.”
According to Karlen, it’s also important that Polestar develops a car that is affordable to the general public so that technologies have the greatest possible environmental effect.
“I really do hope that we as an industry now really offer these more sustainable options for all kinds of people, for different wallet sizes. At Polestar, we know the car that we want to deliver to the market and it has to be for the many.”

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Source: CGTN

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