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Police from Hong Kong have arrested a man and woman who have allegedly forced her into an East Kowloon apartment where a 12-year-old girl alone lived and robbed her while filming her actions.

Police Arrest Men
Image Source: South China Morning Post

The police reported the case on Tuesday 6 April, when they reached the door of the girl last Thursday night that the couple looked for the burglary targets at Sau Mau Ping’s On Tat Estate. The suspects tried first to get the girl to open the door and to say that they had surgical masks.However, the secondary school girl declined, and the couple threatened to report her dog to the authorities. Tenants of public housing estates must obtain permission from their landlords to keep small household pets. The threat frightened the girl, so she opened the door.“The female suspect ransacked the flat and robbed HK$5,600 [S$963.31] in property. The man committed serious acts of gross indecency in front of the girl who was home alone. He also filmed the whole process with his phone,” said acting superintendent Ma Ling-ho, adding the victim called police after her ordeal.

Ma did not reveal the indecent conduct of the male suspect but said it did not involve rape or attempted violation in order to protect the minor victim. The Department of Social Welfare is monitoring the case of the girl.

Police Arrest Men
Image Source: South China Morning Post

The two unemployed, supposedly stole a cash, necklace and telephone of HK$ 1,300 [US$ 167]Officers arrested the woman, 38, on Sunday after scanning CCTV footage over the Easter break and discovering a small amount of heroin on her. She was arrested on suspicion of robbery and drug possession.

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Officers arrested the man, 47, on Tuesday morning for robbery, lewd conduct toward a child under the age of 16, and producing child pornography. On the man’s phone, the related video clips were discovered.Ma said that the police would look through the phone further to see if there were any other videos or victims. According to the force, the couple, who were not lovers, were involved in the Sham Shui Po region and had several hideouts.

He also stated that the victim was from a single-parent household, and that the police department would obtain legal advice from the Department of Justice to determine if the mother should face legal penalties for leaving her daughter alone at home.

The police department urged residents not to open their doors to strangers or leave their children alone at home. Strangers should be avoided at all costs, according to security guards.
Everyone found guilty of committing an act of gross indecence with or against a child under 16 years of age shall be liable for a period of 10 years, and a maximum sentence of 14 years shall be imposed by burglaries. A maximum prison sentence of eight years is imposed for the production of child pornography.

Source: South China Morning Post

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