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More Warzone players are being blocked than ever before in 2021, with new ban waves being pushed out at a steady pace. But, in the famous battle royale, how many accounts have been banned?

In Warzone, dealing with hackers can feel like an insurmountable challenge. The group must rely on Raven Software’s periodic ban waves because there is no strict anti-cheat scheme in place to ban players on the spot.

These changes can occur at any time and appear to affect a different segment of the player base each time. Others have been massive, affecting tens of thousands of people, while others have been minor in comparison.

A significant update was eventually released in February 2021, after a long period of relative silence on the issues in 2020. We heard in this blog post that 60,000 accounts were banned from the game all at once.

This was one of the largest ban waves in Warzone history, bringing the total number of bans to over 300,000 at the time.

We’ve had more consistent ban waves since then than we’ve ever seen before. During the first quarter of 2021 alone, five updates were released. While not all of these ban waves came with detailed information, we now have a clear estimate of the total number of bans.

Three of the most recent attacks tend to be minor in nature. Without giving specific numbers, it’s fair to say that these updates in February and March totaled in the four-figure range.

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