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Royal Dutch Shell stated that it was conducting a feasibility study with partners in Singapore on Wednesday (April 21), the first such step to be taken by the oil major.

The company added that its analysis suggests that hydrogen with fuel cells as a zero emission technology with the greatest potential to help the shipping industry attain net zero emissions in 2050, if successful. The results are more likely to lead to cleaner, hydrogen-fuelled shipping. In the test, an auxiliary unit fuel cell is developed and installed at an existing roll-over vessel transporting goods, vehicles and facilities by truck between Singapore and Shell’s Pulau Bukom factory located on an island close to the continent. The test includes the construction and installation.

Shell Singapore Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Image Source: Reuters

The roll-off vessel is a cargo ship that is designed to transport wheeled cargoes, for example cars that run on their own wheels, on and off the ship.

Shell charters and supplies the hydrogen fuel for the test vessel. It also co-designs the fuel cell and rehabilitates the vessel owned by Penguin International Ltd with SembCorp Marine Ltd and its LMG marine unit.In order to install the petrol cell in the next year and for a test period of 12 months, Shell said that the team will first conduct a feasibility study on the ship.

“We see fuel cells and hydrogen as a promising pathway for decarbonising shipping and working with partners in this way will develop our understanding of this critical technology,” said Nick Potter, general manager of Shell shipping and maritime, Asia Pacific & Middle East.

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In order to meet United Nations objectives for the shipping industry, the industry leaders say that the world’s first ships with net-null emissions are required by 2030. Hydrogen-powered ships could help achieve the goal.

Source: Reuters

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