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For pedestrians who are permanently glued on their phones, there are floorlights to improve their road safety. But what are you doing if the zombie is a motorcycle?

After he was caught swiping his cell phone while driving, ComfortDelGro told AsiaOne a driver on the shuttle bus service to Yishun MRT’s Orchid Country Club was deleted from any driving duties.
After a passenger uploading a video of him on Facebook, his actions came to light on Monday (March 5). The day before, they were going to the country club.

Shuttle Bus Driving Without Duties
Image Source: Asiaone

“He was playing a mobile game all along the ride for 10 minutes,” the netizen wrote. “Even driving on the curved road, he did not stop!”In the video, while the bus was moving, the driver could be seen looking at the right phone.
The Netizen was angry at “not only endangering himself, but also all the people including [her] boy.” He was on the shuttle bus with his son.

“How can [the driver] be so irresponsible?”
Similarly, other networkers were outraged and requested actions against the driver.Others, on the other hand, pointed out that instead of sitting back and taking a video, the person who recorded the clip should have talked to the driver.

“If got time to take video, isn’t it better to step forward and tell the driver?”
As an answer to the questions from AsiaOne, Orchid Country Club shuttle operator Tammy Tan’s Group Chief Branding and Communications Office apologized for what had happened.
“Such unsafe driving behaviour is not acceptable,” she said.

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Depending on the results of her investigations, she added, the company would not hesitate to take stern discipline against the driver.

It is an offense under the Road Traffic Act if a driver holds and uses an on-road mobile communications device.

If convicted, the criminal is liable to a fine no more than $1,000 or a sentence of imprisonment no more than six months, or both.

Offenders repeating the crime would face a fine of up to $2,000 and/or a period of up to 12 months.

Source: Asiaone

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