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Forager’s developer has scrapped plans to add multiplayer to the clicker game’s explore-o-crafting mode, claiming that the functionality was too unstable to patch in a reasonable amount of time. But that’s it. This update has been canceled. If multiplayer was one of the reasons you purchased the game or supported its Patreon, the developer recommends getting a refund. It’s a shame, because the game is intriguing, but it does sound like a daunting challenge.

Forager was released in April 2019 and has been in progress ever since, with a series of updates leading to multiplayer entering closed beta testing in February. That hasn’t gone well.

“As many of you have noticed, the quality of the Multiplayer Beta was really low,” Mariano Cavallero said in¬†a Patreon post¬†yesterday. “The update was a year late, crashes would happen all the time, most features weren’t working, and some people wouldn’t even be able to start the game at all!”

He also stated that several of the previous updates were “very poorly designed” after he delegated creation to others. The game had devolved into a shambles. “I looked into finding a new team of programmers to repair this buggy mess after the first week of the beta,” Cavallero continued, “but nobody professional wanted to take on the project due to how badly coded and bloated it had become after the game launched in 2019.” Finally, he calls multiplayer “unfixable” and advises people who purchased Forager specifically for multiplayer to request a refund.

Although frustrating because, you know, fun multiplayer would be nice, it’s reasonable that he’d change his mind when the game turned out to be unfit to endorse it.

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Cavallero said that he would like to add to Forager and that he is working on another “Forager-related” game. “For now, I think the best is to take a step back and come back to it later on with a fresh mindset and ready to add a lot of actually good material, maybe in the form of a polished sequel in a few years,” he says of larger updates to Forager. That makes sense.

However, the game is enjoyable. Was it? Cavallero seems to be dissatisfied with some of the improvements made after the launch. But it was enjoyable!

In 2019, our Forager analysis said, “You press a lot.” “You can click on trees to get their wood, bushes to get their berries, and slimes to get them out of their current state of life. When the option to click is already taken up by another action, you often press E instead. Forager’s goal is to find something akin to clicker nirvana by combining the compulsive zen of idle games with the scenic serenity of Stardew Valley, and he comes near.”

It’s also one of the best farming games, according to Katharine.

Source: Rockpapershotgun

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