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SINGAPORE -The tourism body of Singapore is currently responsible for one third of the world’s cruises, its tourism organization said on Wednesday (April 7), because of the roaring success of the world’s “cruises” during a global crisis.

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Image Source: Reuters

In many parts of the world, cruises have yet to restart after the coronavirus pandemic has been beaten, with some of the earliest major outbreaks on cruise boats.
On luxury liners, which have no call and last only a few days, the city-state launched what it called “round trips” in November.Since last year, there have been relatively few domestic Covid-19 cases in Singapore.

Singapore cruises are only available to the country’s 5.7 million inhabitants, who have been unable to leave the tiny country for recreation and have resorted to staycations and even indoor camping instead.

According to the Singapore Tourism Board, the cruises carried about 120,000 passengers and were operated at a lower capacity with strict health protocols.For its industry data, STB did not quote a source.

Some Caribbean cruises are anticipated to resume in June as US Centers for Disease retains tight restrictions on the reintroduction of United States cruises.
According to the International Association of Cruise Lines, some cruises have operated in parts of Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.

Royal Caribbean said that this month, due to a “overwhelming demand,” it extended the Singapore season to include its Quantum of the Seas ship.

Late last year, the pilot cruises of Genting Cruise Lines and Royal CaribbeanSTB CEO Keith Tan said Singapore would not lead on cruises for a long time.

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“I surely believe that over the next few months the cruise business in the Caribbean and also in the Mediterranean will continue to resume,” Tan said.

Tourism in Singapore was severely hit by the pandemic and visitors fell almost 86% last year to 2.7 million.

Source: Reuters

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