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A school has apologized after a notorious road busker had two front teeth took out by a stone tossed by an understudy as he took a plunge at an Auckland island bird asylum.

Muscle head Hume, most popular as The Singing Rancher, is nursing sore lips and broke grin after he was struck in the mouth at Tiritiri Matangi Island last Wednesday during an episode that left him requiring clinical and dental treatment.

Police are presently researching and plan to circle back to the school.

Meanwhile the 73-year-old has been compelled to drop gigs across the North Island compelled and faces a lofty dental bill upwards of $12,000 to have his front teeth supplanted after they were sheared off by the shot.

Today Orewa School head Greg Penetrate said the school was grieved, depicting it as a “exceptionally terrible and baffling episode”.

He said a letter of statement of regret had been sent from both the school and the understudy in question, and he had by and by reached the Hume family to communicate his anxiety.

The school would likewise completely co-work with any police examination in the wake of learning a proper protest had been stopped by the harmed retired person.

Hume, who was getting a charge out of a trip on the Hauraki Bay bird asylum with his older sister Mary, said the exact opposite thing he expected was to endure a terrible physical issue after he had asked amiably for the school students to quit tossing stones in the water while he took a dip.

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“I said I am only going to be in the water for two or three minutes and then they could carry on.”

However, as he lay on his back, he could feel stones landing close by. At the point when he changed position one out of the blue got him square in the head immediately stupefying him.

“The little horrors ignored me. Next thing you know one hit me in the mouth.

“It was like a real impact. It wasn’t just a small stone, it was like small rocks those little horrors were throwing. It stunned me. My mouth was bleeding,” said Hume.

“I managed to keep my balance and said to the teacher and children there ‘you’ve just smashed two of my front teeth’.

“They looked at me in absolute disbelief.”

He said an instructor moved toward him with the youngster dependable who was made to apologize however now asserts the school is making light of the episode.

“If Mr Pierce realised how serious it was he’d come around here to have a look at my mouth and see what damage the little horrors had done,” said Hume, who is still shaken from the episode.

However, the school chief denied the school had wouldn’t assume full liability for the occurrence.

“I have personally contacted the victim’s sister who is his caregiver, to express my concern over this very regrettable incident and to inquire into the recovery of the victim,” said Pierce.

“A letter from myself together with a letter of apology from the student has also been couriered to the victim’s household which states again how sorry the college is that this incident occurred.”

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