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SSE, a British utility, and Equinor, a Norwegian energy company, are teaming up to construct two low-carbon power plants in the UK: one with gas-fired turbines and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, and the other as the world’s first large-scale 100% hydrogen-fueled power plant.

Hydrogen Energy
Image Source: Power Engineering

Keadby 3 and Keadby Hydrogen, if realized, would replace older, carbon-intensive power plants. According to the businesses, both will contribute to the decarbonization efforts of the Humber, the nation’s largest manufacturing cluster.The Keadby 3 is scheduled as a 900-MW carbon capture-fired gas power plant for CO2 removal. The captured carbon would then be transported under the South North Sea via pipeline.
Keadby 3 could be online by 2027 if approved by regulators.
Meanwhile, Keadby Hydrogen would be a new 900 MW, but that one would supply H2 gas with zero-carbon power. By the end of the decade, this project might come online.Both SSE Thermal and Equinor state their projects are still in the early stages of growth as they work with government officials, regulators, and stakeholders. The success of those discussions will determine the final investment decisions.
“These projects would play a major role in decarbonizing the UK’s flexible generation capacity, while supporting a green economic recover in the Humber,” Stephen Wheeler, managing director of SSE Thermal, said in a statement. “With over 12 million (metric) tons of annual carbon emissions, ideal transport and storage options and (with) major energy and industrial companies working together, the Humber has to be at the center of the UK’s decarbonization strategy.”The projects will make use of the Zero Carbon Humber partnership’s parallel H2 and CO2 pipeline infrastructure in the area, which includes SSE Thermal and Equinor. The Northern Endurance Partnership, which includes Equinor, is developing offshore C02 infrastructure.
Source: Power Engineering

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