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BANGKOK – Thai Rettungs workers said Wednesday (Apri 7), after having gone into Thailand’s Phitsanulok province for meditation in the days ago, they had released a Buddhist monk trapped in a flooded cave.

Thai Rescue Unit
Image Source: Reuters

He had been on pilgrimage to Phra Sai Ngam cave in Phitsanulok on Saturday. The monk had been identified by the local rescue unit as Phra Ajarn Manas 46 years old.The local rescue unit said on its Facebook page of Sunday an unseasonal rainstorm that continued throughout Tuesday inundating parts of the cave while inside.
The unit told residents that Tuesday afternoon the monk had been trapped in the cave.

The rescue workers came to see him, but after approximately an hour they had to quit because of rising levels of water.The monk was placed inside the cave surrounded by rescue workers and had his bloody pressure taken in Wednesday, and was pictured on the unit’s Facebook page.
“We rescued Phra Manas from the cave at 11.30 am,” said the unit in a post.

In a telephone call, one of the rescuers confirmed the monk had left the cave and received first aid.

The efforts to find and free the monk have been taken up by 17 divers.

With a rescue of 12 Thai boys and their football trainer from a flooded caves of the north town of Chiang Rai, Thailand has made worldwide headlines in 2018.

Source: Reuters

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