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Graphics seldom inspire me these days, but The Ascent’s recent trailer had me walking through it frame by frame just to squint at the images. It’s a topdown co-op shooter set in a cyberpunk universe that bangs, fizzes, burns, and glistens in a pleasing manner.

The Ascent appears to be set in a cyberpunk universe. A megacorp owns all and all, the game is set in an arcology made of filthy metal and neon lights, and the society’s class system is practically reflected by the lower and upper floors of the metropolis. When the megacorp mysteriously shuts down one day, the planet devolves into chaos, and I suppose you want to remedy it by creating even more chaos.

I’m more interested in the game’s pitch as a solo or multiplayer shooter in which you can customize characters with cyberware and award them skill points. All of the footage seen above is collaborative, and ideally the collaboration extends beyond just sharing shields.

And I’m even more excited to see how The Ascent looks, particularly the visual effects. For example, the blue fizzy wobble of those force fields and the way they flicker when they run out of juice. Or the blasts that rip up the concrete, rattle the television, and leave a ring of smoke in their wake. Or the way that each laser blast illuminates corridors by bouncing light off surfaces.

All of this is appealing to the eye, but much of it also contributes to the action’s perceived excitement. It has a lot of bite to it, particularly when punching an enemy appears to trigger one of the explosions.

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I’m excited to give it a shot. The Ascension will be available on Steam later this year.

Source: Rockpapershotgun

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