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Despite the six English Premier League clubs quitting, Juventus President Andrea Agnelli said in an interview published on Wednesday that the Super League project is moving forward and has a 100 percent chance of succeeding.

The interview took place before a Super League meeting on Tuesday evening.

“There is a blood pact among our clubs, we will press ahead,” Agnelli told newspaper la Repubblica when asked whether the Super League was sinking after some clubs had decided to leave only 48 hours after the breakaway plan was launched.

Agnelli went on to say that the project still had a “100% chance of succeeding.”

He claimed that the new group was not a “threat” to national championships, but that the clubs that were a part of it were “completely willing” to continue competing.

Juventus President Agnelli
Image Source: Hindustan Times

Champions of Serie A in Italy Juventus is one of the 12 clubs proposing the formation of a new European Super League. Agnelli was a key figure in the breakaway group’s formation and has been named vice-chairman.

Agnelli also stated that the Super League had written letters to UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, and FIFA, the governing body of world soccer, in the hopes of initiating talks with them.

When asked if the Super League was willing to work out a compromise, Agnelli said that if UEFA “makes a proposal, we will evaluate it.”

Source: Channel News Asia

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