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Edge Of Eternity, a lovely-looking RPG, has been battling its way through early access for over two years, and the journey is nearly over. After two years of releasing new story chapters and other game updates, Midgar Studio has announced that Edge Of Eternity will be released in its entirety on June 8th, with the final two chapters completing the game.

In typical RPG fashion, the world has been struck by disaster, which your heroes must overcome. “Heryon’s world has been ripped apart,” Midgar Studio claims. “Years ago, the planet was thrown into an endless cataclysmic war when a mysterious alien force arrived, unleashing both magic and technology to their worst and darkest extremes. Now an even greater threat has emerged: the invaders unleashed the Corrosion, a fatal disease that turns all living forms into misshapen abominations, in a despicable act of war.”

Midgar estimates that the final two chapters will add another five to ten hours of gameplay to the game, bringing the game’s finale with heroes Daryon and Selene to a close. You can see Eternity’s turn-based battle system, the tech-meets-magic world, and, of course, a giant cat mount in the new trailer.

I’ll tell it like it is. I’ve played a lot of fantasy role-playing games with pop star protagonists and glowing swords. It appears to be a fun game, but the giant cat creature up top caught my attention. Edge Of Eternity claims to have five human companions and one furry companion, “a fearless yet adorable beast,” to unlock. Look at those fluffy, feathered ears. There’s a lot of RPG juice in there.

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One of the more intriguing aspects of Edge Of Eternity is that the developers have released a modding toolkit. So far, there don’t appear to be many mods available, but that may change once the full release is available. Oh, but look, someone on Nexus Mods has made a Final Fantasy sword. That should’ve been obvious.

Midgar Studio also mentions in their announcement post that this is the last chance to get Edge Of Eternity at a 33 percent discount before the price rises on April 14th. Until then, you can get it on Steam for £13.39/$16.74. The game’s full release date is set for June 8th.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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