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Warm up your whistling lips and tap your collarbones, because Deadly Premonition 2 is coming to PC this year. The open-world murder mystery/survival horror/daily life RPG is coming to Steam next, following its Nintendo Switch debut in July 2020. The original is one of my all-time favorite games, a charming and warm-hearted tale of a strange FBI agent on the trail of a supernatural serial killer, so I’m thrilled to see this coming my way.

“No other platforms,” PR said when the game was only announced for Switch. That did appear to be the standard dismissal. Thunderful has now announced a Steam release for 2021 in their annual report, which was released this week (pointed out by Gematsu). There are no further details, but that is all I require.

Deadly Premonition 2 is both a sequel and a prequel, with parts set in the present with Aaliyah Davis, a new playable FBI agent, and parts set in the past with a younger Agent Francis York Morgan investigating another murder mystery. I like that young York has a skateboard and a fauxhawk, as he confessed to having during his adolescent punk phase.

I don’t know much about Deadly Premonition 2, as I’ve avoided talking about it in the hopes of a PC release. I heard the Switch version had some serious performance issues, and I’m hoping a good gaming PC would be able to handle it better (contrary to what Ian Vidia might tell you, the primary purpose of expensive new GPUs is to make poorly optimised games run better). But, after the abysmal state of the first game on PC, I’m not holding my breath. Even with the necessary fan fix, Deadly Premonition has become too stuttery for me to play. It’s heartbreaking.

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Bugs aren’t the only issue with the first game, after all. However, I believe that many of the frequently mocked elements are beneficial to the game. The repetitive mood music and musical stings, as well as the stock poses and reaction animations of NPCs, contribute to the soap opera melodrama. Driving across town at a painfully slow speed holds my attention and draws me into the monotony, to the point where I realized I was turning on my indicator lights. As much as some parts of the game irritated me at the time, they added to the game’s unexpected and delightful charms. This small town, its residents, and our enigmatic hero all grew on me.

When Adam and I declared it one of the best PC games a few years ago, I became more invested in the tension between wonk and wonder. Regrettably, I’d now withdraw that recommendation due to the fact that it’s become far too buggy. You should, however, play it on a console. Check out Adam’s Deadly Premonition review, in which the ‘living world’ is described as “more like a fairground attraction, a ghost train in which animatronic figures shudder in and out of position as their timers tick down.”

Isn’t it true that I’m setting my expectations too high? Unless, of course… No, Alice, not at all.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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