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Free Fire offers a fiercely competitive battle royale experience to players. To win matches and progress through the game’s ranks or levels, players must grind on a regular basis.

In Free Fire, the Heroic tier is one of the largest. In April 2021, this article will include a few tips to help players push rank and hit the Heroic tier in Free Fire.

The landing spot at the start of a match is one of the most critical factors to remember when players want to rank push in Free Fire.

To will the possibility of early fights and improve their chances of surviving until the end, players can land away from the flight route. This will help them in gaining more rank points and, as a result, moving up the ranks more quickly.

While pushing rank in Free Fire, teamwork and clear communication between teammates are essential.

During a game, players should communicate clearly and efficiently so that the team can devise a plan that will take them to the game’s final stages.

Gloo wall grenades and smoke grenades are important tools that must be used properly.

Players should always have a sufficient supply of explosives and gloo wall grenades on hand, as these things can come in handy in the final circles of a match.

Until entering a match, players should always understand their sensitivity and custom layout settings.

Players can only use settings that they are familiar with. As a result, they would be able to perform at their highest, resulting in higher kill counts and rank points.

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