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I’ve always thought that more video games should use imaginative saw contraptions, ever since I carved up aliens in Gears Of War with my gun-that-also-has-a-chainsaw-built-into-it. That’s why Turbo Overkill, a first-person shooter in which the protagonist has a chainsaw for a leg, has piqued my interest. And what about the gifs that show it off? Yes, I give it a thumbs up.

Turbo Overkill is a bloody, fast-paced first-person shooter in which you play as a cyborg with a knack for cleaning up mean cyberpunky streets with their beefy weapons, as well as their “legsaw.” There isn’t much information about the game yet, but we do have a few powerful gifs from the game’s Twitter account.

Take a look at this:

Nice dual-wielding handguns. It’s awesome that you’re doing some wall-running. Yes, it’s a nice slide. Wait, have they unsheathed their chainsaw leg in the middle of their fall, so that when they clatter into those enemies below, they’ll rip them to shreds? That’s very cool.

This one features a handgun that transforms enemies into red gunk:

Turbo overkill

The best part of this gif isn’t the gore explosion itself, but rather the left-handed gun twirling that precedes it.

Finally, there’s some meaty mini-gun action:

With its dim lighting, flurry of bullets, and one big mini-gun, it’s really Doom. I like the idea of the mini-gun transforming into a flamethrower in the middle of a war.

Turbo Overkill does not yet have a release date, but you can follow the game on Twitter or on their Discord server for updates.

Source: Rockpapershotgun

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