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With a new set of in-feed notifications set to go out to all users this week, Twitter has announced a new push to help maximize COVID-19 vaccine take-up.

As explained by Twitter:

“As COVID-19 vaccinations become more widely available, we want you to have access to the latest vaccine info in your country. This week you’ll see a prompt in your timeline that links to sources about vaccine safety, efficacy, and news from public health experts.”

Here’s an example of one of Australia’s new top-of-feed prompts:

Twitter New Prompts
Image Source: Social Media Today

As you can see, the new prompts link to authoritative COVID-19 resources, such as Twitter’s COVID-19 Information Center, to help users learn more about where they can get a vaccine, as well as information about how the vaccine is made, health updates, WHO advice, and more.

Twitter, like all social media platforms, has been working to increase vaccine uptake in a variety of ways, including promoted links to official information and a stepped-up effort to combat vaccine misinformation spread via tweets.

Twitter New Prompts
Image Source: Social Media Today

The latter efforts could be critical in reducing vaccine resistance, which has been identified as a major concern in moving beyond the pandemic by health officials.

Facebook is also attempting to raise vaccine awareness through visual prompts and sharing tools in order to address underlying concerns that have largely gained traction due to social media sharing.

These new, official prompts and links can certainly help, but the push to clear up misinformation and alleviate concerns about potential side effects, given the low rate of issues, is likely the most important step, and it’s encouraging to see Twitter join the effort to help maximize vaccine take-up as we look forward to a post-pandemic future.

Source: Social Media Today

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