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The 591st Pokemon’s identity isn’t a big secret. A fast Google search will reveal which Pokemon it is: Amoonguss, an innocent and averagely built Pokemon. It’s no surprise that the internet wanted to grab onto the bad mushroom Pokemon in the middle of 2020 because of its name.
Among Us, a sci-fi-themed deception and social engineering game, went viral in the midst of the pandemic last year. In the middle of it all, the harmless fungus Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White kept showing up in conversations because its name is strikingly close to Among Us.

To put it plainly, someone is told to look for the 591st Pokemon, which turns out to be Among Us, but with the mushroom-based Pokemon Amoonguss instead of the well-known bean-like space folk. Due to its unfortunate name, the fungal creature is labeled sus (suspicious).

That’s what there is to it. It’s not especially complex, like most memes, and it doesn’t need to be. It’s an easy little joke to toss around and forget about.

A few YouTubers and streamers have seemed to be having a nice time. This meme isn’t exactly fresh, as it first appeared about the same time that Among Us gained traction on Twitch last year. In reality, at this stage, it’s pretty much a dead meme. The fact that it’s being brought up again so soon after Among Us’ most recent update is actually very suspicious.

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