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Alcatraz is one of COD Mobile’s most famous Battle Royale maps. Unlike the long and boring Classic map, it has a relatively small BR map that hosts intense battles, which accounts for a large part of its success.

After Season 2, viewers were disappointed to learn that Alcatraz had been removed from the game, and that several new maps were added on a regular basis as part of special events. The map, however, appears to be making its way back into the game.

This article will go into every detail about the re-launch of the Alcatraz map as well as other gameplay mode leaks.

Alcatraz was released as part of COD Mobile’s Season 11 Anniversary update on October 15, 2020. The map is currently unavailable, but it will be accessible again on April 9th.

Since it featured faster-paced gameplay than its contemporaries, Alcatraz was a big hit (Classic map). There were only 40 players on the world, who were dropped at random.

Per match, each player can only respawn five times. This was an excellent game mode for players looking for fast-paced, action-packed gameplay.

Following the release of Season 2, COD Mobile revealed that many new maps would be added to the BR mode on a regular basis. As a result, maps such as Blitz, Tank Mode, Sniper, and Warfare were eventually added.

Finally, on April 9th, with just ten days left in the season, COD Mobile will reintroduce the fan-favorite BR map Alcatraz. The map will be taken down again on April 16th, according to a COD Mobile group article.

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