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A super-sized, record-setting price has been paid for one of the few copies of the comic book that first introduced Superman to the world.

In a private auction, the first issue of Action Comics sold for $US3.25 million ($4.25 million).

It surpassed the previous record for the comic, which was set in 2014 when another copy was auctioned for slightly more than $US3.2 million ($4.2 million).

The 1938 comic “actually is the beginning of the superhero genre,” according to Vincent Zurzolo, the sale’s broker.

Image Source: Artnet News

It told readers about Superman’s origins, including how he arrived on Earth from another world and assumed the name Clark Kent.

The comic was purchased for slightly more than $2.5 million by the seller of this issue in 2018.

Mr Zurzolo claimed that although hundreds of thousands of copies were initially printed, only around 100 are known to exist today, and they are in varying conditions. He said that this copy was one of the best kept.

“There’s no comic book that you could value higher in terms of a comic book than Action Comics #1,” he said.

Action Comics
Image Source: ABC

The sale reflects a large improvement over first-edition sales of other genres.

In December of last year, a hardback first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone sold for 68,000 pounds ($119,380) in England.

Source: ABC World News

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