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Despite the fact that there are now hundreds of survival games, DayZ still feels like lightning in a glass. No other game, before or after, has done such a good job of building excitement among players, with the occasional sighting of another human seeming both exciting and dangerous.

I’m interested in Icarus, a sci-fi survival game from RocketWerkz and Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ, for this reason alone. I didn’t need a second explanation after watching an eight-minute nonfiction ‘documentary.’

Sure, it’s well-made, but I’m not interested in lore if the game is just about punching trees and shooting bears.

This video was released partly to tease a Twitch stream of gameplay footage to come on Thursday, April 8th at 5pm PST/8pm EDT/1am BST, so hopefully there will be more reasons to care soon.

So far, what we know about Icarus is that it’s a player vs. environment survival game for up to eight players in which you explore a partially terraformed alien world, gather resources, and create tools before escaping through dropship with your loot.

“A great survival game experience needs to include suspense and fear, as well as a sense of people overcoming extreme odds in extreme situations,” said Dean Hall, as quoted in this press release. “A failed terraforming scenario allows us to combine familiar elements that players can relate to with disturbing alien elements,” says the developer. Gotcha: punch regular trees, fire alien bears.

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