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Is there anything you can’t do in Skyrim thanks to the tireless efforts of prolific modders? No, not any longer. You can have the gravity gloves from Half-Life. You have the ability to create new voice lines. At long last, you can pet the dog. Between biting skeevers and fighting vampires, even the Dragonborn’s best friend deserves a few pats on the head.

Modder JaySerpa created this dog petting downtime activity. If you approach a friendly dog while unarmed and interact with it, you may get some pets, depending on whether the dog is sitting, standing, or lounging around. Take a look at this. What it says on the tin is exactly what it is. Dogs are now the Dragonborn’s pets—simple and perfect.

“I’m not an animator, these animations are not perfect,” says JaySerpa. “You must be facing the dog straight forward for them to make sense most of the time, but hey, it’s what we have and I’ll gladly take it so I can pet my boy Meeko!” Same, honestly. Perfect or not, these dog petting animations light up my little brain wires, internally screaming out “who’s a good dog? yes, you are!”

I realize that petting the dog has become a meme in and of itself, but here’s the thing: I’ve probably never played and will never play most of the games that feature dog petting. However, I’m usually only about six months away from installing a slew of new mods and embarking on a new adventure, so I’m confident I’ll get around to petting these dogs at some point.

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JaySerpa is also rumored to be working on a larger mod that will allow you to pet more animals and interact with objects and NPCs in other ways. However, for the time being, the important part deserved to be treated as a stand-alone.

This necessary mod is available on Nexus Mods in both Special Edition and original Skyrim flavors.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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