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Wolcen, an action RPG, seemed to burn bright and hard, reaching a peak of over 100k concurrent players at launch last February and then maintaining just a few thousand players a few months later. The problem appeared to be bugs and a lack of endgame material.

Both are addressed in the most recent patch for the game. Update introduces four new worlds to endgame expeditions, allows you to advance 30 levels further in that material, and addresses and tweaks a slew of other issues.

Wolcen’s endgame content is the Champion Of Stormfall expeditions, and this update allows you to play them up to level 217. Aberrant Bluffs, Aberrant Halls Of Adrastis, Infested Adrigion Woodlands, and Infested Primordial Catalyst are the four new worlds that can be played here. From the looks of it, they’re all lovely places.

The majority of the other updates are minor tweaks, such as pets now collecting spilled money, dodge rolling now automatically goes through opponents, and several abilities have been rebalanced. It may also be bug fixes for monster animations and other issues. In a Steam news update, all of the changes are detailed.

Changes to the loot filter, summons, and crafting framework are also listed in that article, and will be implemented in a future update. More information on those features can be found in an older Steam news article.

All of this sounds great, but before Diablo 2: Resurrected comes out, I’m going to hold off on any action RPGs.

Source: Rockpapershotgun

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