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I believe there is no greater agony than smelting all the ore I’ve gathered after a long day of mining in Valheim. Yes, it’s satisfying, but I’m a very impatient person who needs my metal bars right now, not later. That’s why I’m interested in a mod that allows me to use Surtling Cores to overclock my smelters, kilns, and blast furnaces. Finally, I’m able to accelerate the process.

A Valheim mod called “Surtling Core Overlocking” was created by a clever viking named “MarcoPogo.” It allows you to turn any Surtling Cores you have lying around into “Overclock Cores” that can be used to boost the productivity of your kiln, smelter, or blast furnace.

Speed, Efficiency, and Productivity are the three types of overclock cores you can use in your smelters. And you’ll have to strike a careful balance when doing so, because too much of one without the other can be disastrous.

Optimal smelting performance is also not cheap. To begin, you’ll need a Forge and an Artisan Table, as well as Surtling Cores and a variety of materials for that extra overclocking touch.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Couldn’t you just, like, cheat, Ed? To make the smelting speed super fast, you know, increase the numbers? “.. Yes, of course! That, however, is neither interesting nor entertaining. At the very least, MarcoPogo’s overclocking mod turns my quest for speed into a delicate balancing act that feels like it belongs in Valheim’s world, rather than just sneaking into the command console and feeling naughty.

If all of this overclocking sounds a little too complicated for you, how about another Valheim mod that turns your viking into a walking horror?

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Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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