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According to local media, police in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang have detained a man suspected of selling his two-year-old son and using the proceeds to travel around the world.

According to the Zhejiang Legal Daily, the guy, surnamed Xie, was constantly at odds with his current wife and is accused of selling the boy nicknamed Jiajia to alleviate the burden of child care (April 28).After divorcing the child’s mother, who held their daughter, Xie was granted custody of the baby.

Chinese Man Sold Son
Image Source: South China Morning Post

However, since Xie was employed in another area, he left the boy in Huzhou with his brother Lin and other family members.According to the paper, Xie took his son away last month and told his family that the boy’s mother wanted to see him.

Lin learned the boy had never arrived at his destination a few days later and contacted the police after his brother refused to respond to repeated messages.Police said they discovered that Xie had sold the boy for 158,000 yuan (S$32,410) to a childless couple in Changshu, Jiangsu province, and used the money to travel around the world with his new bride.

Jiajia was returned to his uncle late last month after the couple from Jiangsu were subjected to “illegal coercion measures.”

The report also stated that Xie and his former wife had two other daughters who had been previously “given” to another man, but it did not specify whether or not police were looking into the matter.

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Source: South China Morning Post

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