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At around 7.30p.m. on Monday, when he heard an explosion, he and his friends prawnfished in ATC Fishing Village in Jurong.A car had lost control, collapsed into the bushes, and flew over a huge fire. With a fire extinguisher, 39-year-old Chris Lin driven to the Jurong Hill crash site – some 500 meters far away – to try to put out the fire.

He told The New Paper: “I didn’t have time to be scared. I was focused on putting out the fire. I was worried that if the bushes near the vehicle caught fire and (the van) rolled down the cliff, the whole ATC Fishing Village down the hill would be ruined and there would be more (injuries).”

Man Who Fought Van Fire
Image Source: The New Paper


The fire, however, was too large to be extinguished. Fortunately, the Civil Defense Force of Singapore (SCDF) arrived and fired the fire with a water jet. SCDF spokesman has stated that the cause of the fire has been investigated, and four people aged 17 to 21 were injured in the accident by a Singapore police spokesman.

One was transported to the National University Hospital and three to the General Hospital in Ng Teng Fong. Seven people in the van would have been there.
The police spokesman added: “The 22-year-old male driver was arrested for drink driving. Police investigations are ongoing.”

Mr Lin said: “We heard explosions and we noticed that the fire was getting bigger. From below the hill, we saw a few people running away from the fire.”The 50 owner of the crawling ATC centre, Alex Siew, called the police and the SCDF, as Mr Lin grabbed and loaded as many fire extinguishers into his car as he could.

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Mr Lin saw a young man walking down the slope when he was in the parking lot.
“It was quite dark, but I noticed he was bleeding from his face and hands. I asked him what had happened and he pointed up the hill and said there was an accident.”

Mr Lin said he noticed four people sitting on the ground, about 50m from the fire, and one of them looked “badly injured”.

Mr Lin, who received first-aid and fire-fighting training from his time in the St John’s Brigade, said his friends and family were shocked when they saw a video of the fire, which was taken by his friend and uploaded on YouTube.

“They were all scolding me, asking why I did this, but for me it was just basic instinct to help others.”

Source: The New Paper

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