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SINGAPORE – Crowded people were thinner yesterday, with entry restrictions resuming to curb the spread of Covid- 19 after a spike in community cases at Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza.

The restrictions on Sundays are limited to those people whose identity numbers end in even numbers, and those whose numbers end in peculiar numbers visit on peculiar dates. These limitations were introduced in August and lifted on 10 April last year. Maricel O Gonda, 39, a householder was one of those who went to Lucky Plaza when her number of identities ended with a strange numbers. She finally waited for her friend to end shopping there for two hours.

Entry Restriction
Image Source: The New Paper

“I didn’t know I wouldn’t be allowed to enter. I like to shop here and I take precautions like keeping a distance from others and wearing a mask always,” said Ms O Gonda, who usually goes out with two or three of her friends.

Likewise, Ms Sue Mahn, 31, was turned away from Peninsula Plaza. “I have been waiting half an hour for my friend,” said the home nurse whose identification number also ended with an odd digit.

A queue outside Peninsula Plaza moved briskly when The Straits Times visited it around 3pm.At Lucky Plaza in the meantime, when the ST was there at lunchtime, there were no queues outside the shops. Most buyers kept a safe distance as well. Those permitted to enter the mall did not have to wait long for their entry.

Ms Marites Alingod, 42, said that when she arrived at 1 pm there was no queue outside of Lucky Plaza. The domestic aid worker was at the center to renew her passport by means of paperwork.
“We can move around easily and it’s not really crowded, with the even and odd arrangement,” said Ms Alingod.

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Entry Restriction
Image Source: The New Paper

Normally, she visits another mall like Wisma Atria, if Lucky Plaza gets overwhelmed.Another household helper who only wanted to be known as Annabelle said that she needed to get into the mall for only a few seconds.

The 47-year-old, who usually spends up to an hour in the mall, said: “It’s very comfortable for me to come here today… On some Sundays, it is so crowded so I never come in here. I like this system much better as it’s easier to get around and buy what I need.”

Source: The Straits Times

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