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Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick admitted that she and they talked of getting involved and showed in our EXCLUSIVE interview that they are so good placed for their relationship.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, 35 years old, is not sure whether her 32-year-old boyfriend Jason Tartick will soon suggest, but it will turn out that they talked about a step if he does. When speaking to HollywoodLife about her new Wellness program, Raw Beauty Reset with Erin Treloar and Kaitlyn Bristowe, which you will find here, the Bachelorette star called her hunky beautifult “very traditional” and admitted the “next step” of her relationship is “represent.”

Bristowe Hints Kaitlyn Tartick
Image Source: HollywoodLife

“Jason’s very traditional. I’m not, so I think through this pandemic — We’ve talked so openly that the next step for us is getting engaged and Jason very much wants to get engaged, get married and then start a family and I’m like, ‘Good thing my eggs are frozen,” because girlfriend is 36 next month,” she EXCLUSIVELY told us during an interview on TVTalk on Apr. 30.
“I don’t know and I hope I don’t know because I want to be completely surprised, but with Jason being traditional he was like, ‘I want to talk to your dad,’ and my dad’s in Canada and now I’m having to try to get creative with how to really talk to your parents and get that permission and so I don’t know,” she continued. “I don’t want to know when it’s happening. I’m not the kind of person to put pressure on it because I would not want somebody to propose to me out of pressure.”


“We just are in such a good place in our relationship that it could be any day,” she added. “I’m not sure.”

Source: HollywoodLife

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