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A missing finger from a colossal statue of the Roman emperor Constantine has been reunited with the side from which it came nearly 550 years ago.

The Louvre Museum in Paris recently sent the 38cm long index finger to the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

The piece was eventually restored to its rightful place on the hand, which now sits alongside the monumental bronze bust of Constantine in the museum, this week.

Pope Sixtus IV donated the bronze fragments to the Roman citizens in 1471, and the reunification of the finger and hand comes 550 years after they were split.

The location of the finger fragment before it was discovered in the collection of the marquis Giampietro Campana, a prominent Roman art dealer, in Paris in 1860 is unknown.

Statue of Roman emperor Constantine
Image Source: Smarthistory

In May 2018, a 3D model brought to Rome from the Louvre revealed that the finger belonged to Constantine’s hand.

In the fourth century, Constantine ruled Rome and was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity.

Statue of Roman emperor Constantine
Image Source: ABC

Only the colossal head and left hand of the bronze colossus remain, along with other fragments.

Source: ABC World News

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