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Sounds like a good time.

Tactical nightmare FPS (first-person shooter) GTFO received a major update yesterday, wiping out all of its old levels and replacing them with new ones that feature eerie new environments to explore. This time, it appears that nature has returned to the Complex (the large underground compound where you’re sent), with plant life sprouting among the horrors. Unfortunately, that plant life appears to have contributed to the horrors as well, as “spawner sacks” can now be found hanging from the ceilings. I’m not looking forward to seeing what comes out of them.

The fifth Rundown (developer 10 Chambers’ term for content-wiping updates) for the co-op game, Rebirth, went live last night. In the trailer below, you can see a glimpse of the Floodways, a slightly floral new zone.

Players will also be able to find artifacts that The Warden is looking for (“the mysterious entity that is keeping you prisoner”). You’ll get a lovely brain injection called a Booster as a reward for grabbing these, which will improve your abilities on future visits to the Complex. This could include things like faster hacking or better assault rifle damage.

This is the first time the game has progressed in a way that allows for more expeditions. Previously, the only benefit of completing a level was that it allowed you to progress to the next one, but now you don’t even need to complete anything to get the Boosters. It doesn’t matter if you die after finding an artifact because it’ll be sent to The Warden as soon as you find it. It’s a nice feature that will encourage me to try another run if I manage to kill myself (which happens frequently), even if it means sticking needles in my virtual skull.

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More information about the new update can be found here, and the developers say they’ll publish a change list with more details in a separate post.

If you haven’t played GTFO yet, Matt Cox recommends it as “the best way to panic in a group since Killing Floor.” And Matt was playing before monsters could fall from the ceiling on you; imagine how far that fear has progressed now.

GTFO is available in early access on Steam (and is currently 20% off). There’s no word on when it’ll leave early access, but the developers plan to keep the Rundown concept going after version 1.0. It’s worth noting that each new Rundown replaces the previous one entirely. So, if you missed Rundowns one through four, they’re no longer available.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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