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SINGAPORE – Fifty Covid 19 patients were discharged and sent home with new additions to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) cluster but later the virus was found.

They were quarantined and tested in an aggressive attempt to prevent the outbreak in hospital.

In order to do so, TTSH has completed the swabbing on all hospital patients last Friday (April 30) and the results are all negative (May 2).

All 12,000 staff on the campus will also be tested. To date, 7,000 employees have already been swabbed, and Swab staff who work in clinical areas will have priority over the following days.The health and wellbeing of all patients are still closely monitored.

Covid-19 Cases Involve Patients
Image Source: The Straits Times

Of the 14 cases reported in the community on Sunday, 11 were associated with TTSH. One is connected to the cluster in Tuas, and another is connected to the cluster at Changi Airport. A 37-year-old Indian maid is the last case that is unrelated.

TTSH cluster

Of the 11 cases reported on Sunday, 7 are 60 to 98 year olds. One is a physiotherapist and three are visitors to Ward 9D, which has been the subject of many infections.

  • Between 18 April and 28 April, Cases 62715, 62721 and 62722 attended Ward 9D. During quarantine, they have been placed and tested positive for the virus.
  • The family member admitted to the ward visited Case 62715. The other two visitors are families of a TTSH nurse who confirmed on 27 April that she had been infected.
  • Case 62731 is a Malaysian who is 27 years old and works as a Ward 9D physiotherapist. On 29 April she was quarantined and on 30 April tested for Covid-19. On the very same day, she had a rushing nose and her symptom was reported on Saturday. On Saturday their test results were positive.
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Covid-19 Cases Involve Patients
Image Source: The Straits Times

Community care facility at Tuas South cluster

  • The Malaysian hairstyling company Me To Do Studio is 53 years old at Case 62760. She is the contact of a household of Cases 62629 and 62638 – Malaysian 41-year-old Confectionery and Bakery sales officer from New Odense(s) and 26-year-old PR office who works for a community service in Tuas South.

On April 29, she was put in quarantine and taken to a special facility on the following day. On Saturday, a sore throat was developed and Covid-19 was tested. The following day, her test result was good. The results are negative for your serology test.

Changi Airport cluster

  • Case 62757 is an official from the Singaporean Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). On April 26, he finished the job. The following day he was put in quarantine. During quarantine he was tested for Covid-19 and the results were negative. He was re-tested on Saturday and the results were positive this time around.

His test results for serology are pending. On 27 January and the second on 17 Feb, it received its first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Source: The Straits Times

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