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Espectro has the ability to clone himself in order to thwart your plans.

The design of Evil Genius 2 revolves heavily around Super Agents. These dangerous do-gooders infiltrate your lair with the intent of eliminating you, and you must weigh the risks of leaving them alone against the costs of eliminating them.

If you think you’ve mastered the stock selection of heroes, Evil Genius 2’s first DLC is here to mess with your perfect crimes once more. Espectro, who has a dome-head filled with red mist and the ability to make clones of himself, is included in the Cabal Pack, which is now available.

Espectro, new lair equipment and henchmen skins, a new interrogation device (a big crotch-advancing laser inspired by James Bond), and new side story objectives are all included in the Cabal Pack. It can be purchased separately, but it is also included in the game’s season pass, which grants access to additional items, hemchman, and minions that will be released in future DLC.

Brendy described super agents as “excruciating by design” in his Evil Genius 2 review. They can wreck havoc in your base by disabling traps and killing minions, but killing or capturing them will also cost you a lot of workers’ lives. “It’s inconvenient to have only one super agent in your base. Having a lot of them is a bad idea “he penned

In addition, Rebellion has released a major rebalance patch for the game in response to player feedback on the game’s progression and pace. These could address some of Brendog’s concerns, as he ultimately enjoyed the game but concluded that the sandbox mode was superior to the campaign mode.

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Steam sells the Cabal Pack for £4.19/€5, or the season pass for £23/€25.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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