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On Wednesday (April 28), three men in a red Mercedes felt their safety in the balance when their car was suspended six meters above Clementi Road. After the purchase of flowers in Corona Florist and Nursery at around 10.20 a.m, the driver told The Straits Times.

However, the car was not controlled and it collided with a rail at the edge of the kindergarten, partially situated on a rise. But she and her two passengers hung precariously on the edge that overlooked the main road, managing to stop the car. Fortunately, the nursery workers noticed the difficulties and rushed to aid the trapped trio.

Clementti Road Mercedes Crashes
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Four employees rushed to the car and pressed on their boot so that the car didn’t fall across the rim. They opened the doors later and helped the driver and the passenger to leave carefully. In the back seat, the passenger came safely out of the car. The driver told the Chinese every day that she suspected her car brakes were defective and she said that she would send her car for service.

The first pavement and lane on Clementi Road were cut off and the car twisted at approximately 1 pm after the occurrence. There have been no reports of injuries by police and ongoing investigations.


Source: Asiaone

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