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The Genshin Impact group is no stranger to the game’s famous playable characters’ exclusive fan art and cosplay.

Genshin Impact is holding another contest to find the best representations of their characters. The artwork being judged in this case will be based on Zhongli, one of the community’s current favorites.

The event’s fan art section, dubbed “Zhongli: Heart of Bedroc,” For the Heart of Bedrock contest, artists have until May 19th to apply their drawings and chibi art. The competition will be judged from the 20th to the end of this month, with the winners being declared in the first week of June.

Players can take part in the fan art competition by tweeting their original artwork using the hashtags #Zhongli and #HeartofBedrock.

Of course, the fan art must meet a few requirements in order to be considered for the competition. To ensure that their artwork is eligible, players should follow the five guidelines below:

  1. The artist’s subject must be Zhongli. The piece’s content can be imaginative and focused on Genshin Impact mythology.
  2. Color should be included in the artwork, and artists should keep track of their drafts and sketches to ensure that the piece is genuine.
  3. In each of the four corners, the artist should sign the piece.
  4. Aside from the artist’s mark, no text is permitted on the artwork.
  5. The artist should pay attention to the details.

The cosplay contest, which is the second phase of the Heart of Bedrock festival, will run on the same schedule as the fan art contest. Submissions will be accepted between May 20th and June 17th, with judging taking place until June 28th and results being announced the following week.

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Players can take part in the upcoming cosplay event by using the hashtags #Zhongli and #Hearto to share their photos on Twitter.

Players who want to enter this contest should be aware that Genshin Impact has stated that all entrants are legally responsible for the copyright of their submitted cosplay, which means they may be held liable for plagiarism.

Participants can submit several entries, with each one having a chance to win. Cosplay submissions will be judged by the Genshin Impact team based on factor.

These two contests are sure to attract a swarm of Genshin Impact players from the Zhongli fanbase. The Zhongli: Heart of Bedrock event is a fantastic opportunity for players to exercise their imagination while also potentially earning some fantastic rewards.

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