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The total number of new cases of coronavirus that India has reported on Monday (May 3) is over 300,000, taking a total of 20 million shy, while Covid 19 deaths rose by 3.417,000 on the 12th straight day.

The total infection in India is 19.93 million with 368,147 new cases over the last 24 hours, with the total deaths 218,959, according to the data from the health department.Real 1,35 billion in total country numbers are said to be five to 10 times higher by medical experts than the official record.

The capacities of hospitals have been filled, the medical supplies of oxygen have been short and the crematoria have been flooded with flooding in cases.

India's Covid-19 20 Million
Image Source: Rappler

There have been some kind of restraint imposed on at least 11 states and union territories to try to stop infection, but the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reluctant to impose national lockdowns concerned with their economic impact.

“In my opinion, only a national stay at home order and declaring medical emergency will help to address the current healthcare needs,” Bhramar Mukherjee, an epidemiologist with the University of Michigan said on Twitter.

“The # of active cases is accumulating, not just the daily new cases. Even the reported numbers state there are around 3.5M active cases.”

India’s biggest crisis since Modi took office in 2014 is the spike in infections. Modi was criticized for failure to take earlier action to limit the spread and for the fact that during March and April, millions of largely unmasked people attended religious festivals and overcrowded political rallies.

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In the early months of March, five scientists from the Forum told Reuters a forum of scientific advisements established by the government warns Indian officials of a more contagious new variant of coronavirus taking place in the country.Notwithstanding the warning, the government did not attempt to impose significant restrictions on the spread of this virus, according to four researchers.

How Modi or his party can politically affect his handling of the crisis still remains to be seen. The next election will take place in 2024. Modi’s party was defeated by results declared Sunday in India’s West Bengal State, even though it won the nearby Assam State.

Leaders of 13 opposing parties signed a letter on Sunday urging Modi to launch national vaccination immediately and to give priority to providing oxygen to hospitals and health centres.Several countries have delayed the extension of the adult vaccination route due to a lack of vaccines for Saturday. The National Ministry of Health says states have stockpiled 10 million vaccines and in the next three days 2 million more.

India's Covid-19 20 Million
Image Source: Reuters

Although India is the world’s largest vaccine producer, it has not enough for itself to undermine a plan to ramp up and broaden saturday’s inoculation. Of its 1,4 billion people, only about nine percent had a dose.Because of a lack of raw matter and a fire from the Serum Institute that makes the AstraZeneca vaccine, India has struggled to increase its capacity over 80 million doses a month.

International aid has gone to India. The government said on Sunday that Britain would send another 1,000 fans to India. Talks are scheduled for Tuesday with Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Modi.

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At least 17 countries, including Britain, Switzerland, and Iran, have now reached the Indian Covid-19 variant. Many governments have closed their borders with people from India.

Source: Reuters

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