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Hell was not furious like a scorned woman — in Indonesia a 25-year-old has just attempted to kill her ex-friend by sending him poisonous food. The baby took the food home and sharing it with his family on April 25th, when the cyanides heated satay never reached him. After consuming the satay, his 10-year-old son died of toxicity.

Indonesian Woman Poisoned
Image Source: Asiaone

The woman, named Nani Aprilliani, had been arrested for premeditated murder on April 30. Yogyakarta police said on Monday during a press conference (May 3).

“Her motive was heartbreak because the target married someone else, not her,” said the police chief.

Three months before the incident from an e-commerce platform, Nani was found to have acquired potassium cyanide intended for use in rat poison.She purchased a packet of chicken satay on April 25 and added cyanide to the accompanying sauce.

The young woman then approached a delivery man named Bandiman and asked him to give the food to her ex-boyfriend Tomy, telling him to inform the receiver that the satay had been delivered by a man named Hamid. Since Tomy was out of town, his wife answered the door and declined to accept the package because she was unfamiliar with the word Hamid.

As a result, Bandiman took the food home to his family to break his fast.His wife and his son plunged the satay into the sauce, and after eating their tinged food both vomited moments.

Bandiman recalled his son saying his story was bitter in his mouth when speaking to the local news outlet Tribun Joga. The boy went to the kitchen to drink water, but on the way he collapsed. He died while he was mouth spraying and was rushed to hospital.

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Nani is going to be charged with premeditated assassination. She faces death or life imprisonment if convicted. The police are also hunting for a guy who is supposed to encourage them to perform the vengeance.

Source: Asiaone


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